Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Post Christmas update

Hi to all who have been patiently waiting for an update. Sorry things around here have been somewhat crazy and finding time to sit down and write has been difficult. If you are checking in for some sewing you will be sadly disappointed as I have not sat down to sew anything in a good long time. This is not a fact that pleases me, but then sometimes you just have to know your limits.
I thought though that I will give you a quick update of what has been happening around here:

* Jouke and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary this week. It has been 7 great years and we look forward to many more.

* Tiaan is officially enrolled at the Christian school for pre-kindy. I tossed and turned about homeschooling for a while but in the end realised that it was not something that would be possible for our family. So two days a week he will be going to preschool and the year after he will be a big boy in kindy.

* Last weekend we had 3 inches of rain in a night. It was great, but our back room got a little soggy. We had to pull the, already tattered, carpet up. The floating floor is ordered, now it is just a matter of making sure the water stays out next time.

* Alani has started crawling. She is not on all fours but is doing it commando style. Even so, she has become rather good at getting around and a little expert at opening cupboard doors and unpacking the contents.

* I have started weaning Baby Girl. She was born weighing in at the 90th percentile and has slipped down to the 10th. While she is eating well I just don't think I have enough milk to give her what she needs. I am a little sad that this part is almost over, but if this is what she needs to thrive than so be it. Plus if she will be a happier girl than even better.

That is about what we are up to. I wish everybody a wonderful Christmas. May you come the know the greatest Gift of all - Jesus.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One of those days

Today has been one of those days. I have fought harder than I was ready for, I cried a little, I was scared, felt sad and is now exhausted.

It started when Jouke and I went to town to do some Christmas shopping. We are not buying big this year and so we only had 3 gifts to buy. Sounds easy, but we left town with only 2 bought and feeling less than friendly toward each other.

Then my dear little baby got a piece of bread stuck in her throat and after a few terrifying moments we decided it best to get her to emergency. She was breathing but the food was stuck and causing her much pain. Thankfully she is now OK, but for a very sore throat. It was just so scary and I am ashamed to say that I froze unsure of what to do. God was good in that Jouke was home and was able to help her. I still feel sick at the thought at what could have been.

The afternoon got better but because Jouke is work evening shifts this week the kids are testing me at bed time. I fought (I know, strong language but this is how it felt) for over 2 hours to get them settled. I got angry and frustrated and I yelled a little too loudly and I am sure they fell asleep thinking that Mamma has lost it tonight. They are all finally asleep.

And now, I am boiling the kettle. I have popped the left overs in the fridge and when my cuppa is made will have a little quite sit down. The kitchen can wait until morning, tonight I am tired.

How has your day been?

Monday, December 15, 2008

I am in love

Have a look at what I found today. My oh my, isn't this just beautiful!!! I found this Etsy shop today and I am very worried that I will loose all my self control and buy just about everything on offer. Belle & Boo also has got at beautiful blog that is well worth a visit.
Once my girls are a little older I want to move them into the same room. I have plans of white furniture with splashes of pink and green and these prints above would complete my dream. Right now buying these would not fit in the budget (I couldn't even squeeze it in or fudge the numbers) but these images make me happy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is a time of mixed emotions for me. Never in all the time since I have had memory do I remember a Christmas that has lived up the to hype, hope and expectations. In my little girl days I always remember feeling a little strange about this time because we celebrated differently - no Santa and only small useful gifts - and because in my heart I had come to believe that this day will somehow be different and more magical then any other.

So now that I have my own children I again find myself filled with mixed feelings. On the one hand I want this time to speak of Christ the most amazing gift and of him only. On the other, I love the traditions that surround Christmas, the tree, lights and gifts. The look of delight on my children's faces when they see all the decorations and excitement for the time when we get the eat the candy canes from the tree, is precious.

This time of the year, more than any other, we should be filled with gratitude and awe at the sacrifice of our saviour. To think the King of all kings came to earth as a babe so that we might call him Father! Wow! Let the enormity of that settle in your heart - its huge.

My dilemma is this: how do we teach our children what Christmas is really all about while still building traditions that makes this time special and exciting? I'm not sure and that's why I'm asking.
How do you celebrate Christmas? What things have become tradition in your family? We have not yet settled on anything that feels completely right and I am hoping that your suggestions will give us some ideas that we can borrow.