Saturday, March 7, 2009

A profound loss

This week, for reasons that I cannot know, Jesus took Jouke to be with Him. My husband, partner, lover and friend - the father to my beautiful children. I do not know why or how and I will probably never know. All I know is he is with Jesus in a better place and we will forever miss him. I love him so.


Leah said...

I'm really, really sorry for your loss Ansia. The church in Townsville is praying for you and your family.

Leah (mummy made it) said...

Hi, You don't know me but I stumbled across your blog (as you do!) The name of your blog is similar to mine (mummy made it) and I think that's why I clicked on yours! Well I read the first post at the top of the page and I am so sad for you and your children. I could not continue on without leaving a message for you. Please know that a stranger is thinking of you whose name is the same as your first commentor on this post- Leah! Something did lead me to your blog I'd say. Take care. x Leah