Thursday, November 18, 2010


Mamma's of Blogworld I need your help!

After a long and somewhat painful conversation with my loving and very supportive husband I have come to realise that my housekeeping skills are, well, somewhat lacking. I just don't like cleaning and I am far to easily distracted by other, far more, appealing things. While the house isn't completely drowning in clutter and mess, there are very clearly some areas in need of improvement.

I want to be better at it. I want to give my husband and children a peaceful and clean home to live in and I don't want to constantly feel as though I am lacking.

What do you do it keep a clean home? Do you have a cleaning roster? Do you dedicate a specific amount of time everyday to cleaning? Do you hire help? How do you fit in cleaning, washing, cooking, parenting and stay sane?

Please tell me what you do. Inspire me and help me be the wife and mother I so desperately want to be!


naomi said...

I will be watching this space for answers! You sound very similar to me Ansia:)
My kids spend Friday morning with the Grandparents so I can get some cleaning done. It works really well and surprisingly, I find I enjoy cleaning when there are no interruptions! However, I never manage to get the whole house cleaned in one morning a week, but it does help keep the place in reasonable order.
We have been talking about making roster's for the children as well as they are members of this household and able to contribute, even in a small way. I know that it wont be easy to begin with, but long term it should reduce the load on me!

AFM said...

I use the hour of the day where munchkin is reading books in her room to do 1 job a day. Monday = kitchen tues = vacuum wednesdays = bathrooms etc. I do find 1 hr isn't quite enough so one day every 3 weeks or so Hubby and i pitch in to dust, sort, reorganise and do the extra's that need doing. mind you this takes a lot of motivation and with hubby absent this week i haven't lifted a finger :).
Good luck, otherwise try to convince him that a messy house is a sign that your all having fun. (Hubby still isn't convinced but i'm working on it :) )