Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Our local school holds markets every month. My neighbour suggested that I sell some of my things there. So I am having a go and seeing if I can make some money our of my hobby.
The first thing I am making is plastic covered bibs, because it is the one thing that I have not been able to find in the shops. Once you have tried to get pumpkin stains out of a bib once you can see the value in a bib that cannot stain. I do hope they sell well.
Wish me luck!


naomi said...

they look great Ansia! Was it hard to sew the plastic? how did you pin/hold it together? They will be sellers for sure!

Ansia said...

Thanks Naomi! I was quite surprised how easily the plastic sewed. The hardest part is getting the layers flat and even. Obviously the plastic shows the pin holes so I made sure to only pin inside the seam allowance. Also, because the feederfoot slips on the plastic I had to make sure the it was fabric side down at all times. They are not perfect yet, but I am slowly getting the knack.

marli said...

These does look really great!! You may need to make me one too one day.