Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The week that's been

I realise that it has been a while since I last posted. Sorry to those who have been waiting for an update. I wanted to post, but this has been a crazy week. Let me tell you what happened.

1. The biggest event has been that Lolly has been under the weather. So besides not eating she hasn't slept for over a week. No, that is stretching the truth. She sleeps some in the day but keeps us up at night. Last night was a better night and I only had to get up to her 6-7 times. I say better because the previous nights we got on average about 1 1/2 hours sleep. She is getting there though and is looking a whole lot happier. Concerning though, is that she isn't gaining weight and hasn't been for the last 2 months and so the community health nurse is coming on Monday to see if they can figure out what is going on. I will keep you posted.

2. Our two pooches decided it would be fun to break through the back fence and go on an adventure. After much searching and praying we found them over 8 km from home.

3. Miss A has got Tonsillitis. She is taking antibiotics (as much as I hate the stuff) and it on the mend, but her disposition is making the days very long.

4. I have applied for a casual position and have been offered an interview. This is happening tomorrow and has got me a little rattled.

5. One of my old friends is getting married in a week. We are taking her away for a few nights this coming weekend. While I am excited about the prospect of being away just getting ready right now seems bigger than me. Also, I am taking Lolly with me a leaving Jouke with the older two. It sounded good in theory, but we will see if it is going to work in practice.

6. My brother and his wife came down for a visit last weekend. We had a great time with them, but with the serious lack of sleep in this house and the resulting mood, I wonder how much fun they had. Sorry guys!

Anyhow, these things happen. But let me tell you, anyone who thinks that parenthood is always great, not true! It is mostly great, but there are times when I want to stop the world and get off. This week has been it.

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