Thursday, September 25, 2008

God was there

My dear, dear friend Sara is getting married this weekend. She is the last of the Warren girls and to celebrate we organised a weekend away. Before leaving I was a little nervous. Partly it was getting everything ready here at home, partly about leaving Jouke with the kids, partly about having to take Lolly and partly because I wasn't sure how us girls (now women) would get on. The last time we were all together was at my wedding and since then we have all found our life partners and I have had 3 babies.
I needn't have worried. Within minutes it was like old times. Laughing, talking, catching up and sharing some really deep things. The first night we didn't get to bed until about 2am (Note to self: Best avoided with babies who do not understand sleeping in). I haven't had a weekend where God was so present in a very long time. He was part of every conversation and we spend some wonderful time praying together. I came home refreshed. What a blessing to have such wonderful Godly friends!

And to Sara and Ben, I pray that your wedding and the remainder of your marriage will be equally blessed. I hope that you will be able to say "God was there".


naomi said...

ohhh!! I wish I could have been there! Sara is such a beautiful girl and I am so happy she is getting married. Sounds like you girls had an awesome time together. Its wonderful when you havent seen someone in years, but when you do the frienship is just as strong as before. Isnt God wonderful to give us these friendships?!

jess said...

hey my lovely lady.. just randomly flicking through some pages late at night and found this entry in your blog.. i still think so much of that weekend! it was such an awesome catch up, but now when i look back at those months i can see how much i needed that time of encouragement, and that you guys were God's provision for me, and He continues to bless me through the memories! i think of you and your family every now and then, and pray for you, and wonder how you're all going - it's tops to feel as though i've caught up with your goss a bit.. maybe you should email me your postal address again and i'll endeavour to send off a snail mail filling you in a bit on mine.
anyways, i should probably head to bed, i'll be thanking God for you in my prayers tonight, gorgeous ansia! xx