Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big bib

After much searching I stumbled across one roll of PVC coated fabric at Spotlight. I am so excited, so I got straight into making a large bib/art smock for Miss A. It is super easy (thought the binding is a little time consuming) and just what we need.


marli said...

Hey there! The paintshirt, handbag and stichery looks great! I was wondering when you were going to make something that we could see.

Looking at Miss A's open stomach it looks like the next one you make might have to be bigger, or just hang lower. You are one very clever chook!

naomi said...

That fabric is awesome, cant believe you found it at spotlight! I always wish they would sell a plastic sheet that you could iron onto your choice of fabric to produce a waterproof fabric like this. Maybe I should just keep dreaming!