Thursday, November 6, 2008


Over the last couple of months I have been really thinking and wondering about abortion. I am troubled, concerned and deeply saddened by the ease with which children's lives are and can be ended legally and easily in Australia. While this is an issue that is close to my heart I do not feel qualified to write about it. By God's mercy I have not been in a situation of abuse or violence nor have I ever had an unwanted pregnancy.

I have, however, had 2 'unplanned' pregnancies. Pregnancies that according to my timetable were to soon and that interfered with my plans and my (perceived) ability to cope. I know the feeling of dread when you realise that a new life has been formed and the responsibilities that come with it. I know the shame wondering how I could let this happen (a thought born out of the mistaken believe that we somehow have power over life and death). I do not for a minute propose that I understand how somebody else with the same news felt, because my situation is different. My husband is loving and supportive, we are healthy and there is a stable income.
What I do know for a fact is that everyone of my children is a blessing. Every time we thought we wouldn't cope, we have. The Lord has cared and provided way beyond our wildest dreams.

I have been reading a very powerful book by Sarah Williams called The Shaming of the Strong: The challenge of an unborn life. It is her story about finding out that the child she was carrying would not live beyond birth. She powerfully tells of the decision to carry the child to term despite major health issues and a tremendous amount of pain. In her final chapter she writes this:

"She was an unexpected treasure. She appeared at first to be the loss of hope and the disruption of all my plans, but through her, God came close to me again, wild and beautiful, good and gracious, strangely familiar but infinately exciting...Cerian was, by the world's definition, a weak thing, but the beauty and completeness of her personhood had nullified the value system to which I had subscribed for so long."
Tonight I do not want to debate about when life begins or point fingers and cast blame - there is enough of that in the world. I simple want to suggest that these unplanned children that we choosing to get rid of, are all unexpected treasures. What if (had I not been convicted otherwise) decided to abort one of my untimely pregnancies? I tear-up at the though of not having known my girls and the richness and joy they bring everyday. It would have been treasures lost.
I have friends who are not able to have children and who are struggling to adopt because there simply are not enough babies placed for adoption as a result of our high rate of abortion. Treasures that are lost that would have been loved and cared for by people like my friends.
I you are reading this, facing an untimely pregnancy, I want to encourage you to seek an alternative to abortion. There are many great websites out there that provided fantastic information that will help you to understand the choice you are facing. I am no expert, I am just a mum who was and continues to be amazed by the gift of my children. When I thought we wouldn't cope Jesus provided hope and continues daily to uphold us by his love and mercy. He cares and loves you and your little one more than you will ever know.
"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness"
2 Corinthians 12:9


marli said...

How powerful, Well written Ansia.

After our ultrasound Brad and I were amazed at this little human being inside me. I urge everyone to consider having an ultrasound before you make any decisions and realise the treasure that you are carrying.

naomi said...

Thanks so much for talking about such a hidden, yet heartbreakingly important issue. Its been on my mind so much lately and i guess its an issue that most of us feel powerless to change. Every child should have the right to live. I would love to read the book you mentioned...might see if I can get a hold of it.
Also this might be of interest to you:

Ansia said...

Thanks guys! Yes this is an issue very dear to my heart and I love that there is something that we can do practically. I will make it a matter of prayer. Thanks again.