Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blog title

I was thinking about changing my blog name tonight. As you may have noticed I have changed everything else as I am feeling the need to make things different, to somehow signal this gigantic change that has happened in our lives.

But no, I'm not going to. Because mamma made it: through today, this minute, this week, the last 5 months. I am surviving. I am figuring out a way to make it through. Mamma made it. Slowly. Carefullly. Somehow I will make it through. Not because I am strong, but because Christ is strong. He is carrying me. And because of my babies.


naomi said...

its interesting you brought this up Ansia, because I was only thinking the other day about the title of your blog 'mamma made it', and how fitting it was. Not in reference to your craft/sewing, but as you mentioned the fact that you have 'made it' so far since you last saw Jouke. Mamma has made it and will continue to make it through the strength and love of Jesus!
Hang in there, be strong, be real and grieve when you need to. We are all still supporting you with our prayers, and you and your little ones are constantly on our hearts.
Much love Naomi xo

AFM said...

I'm glad you've left your blog title, you will make it, Changed forever yes, but you will make it.