Monday, August 24, 2009

Single Mum

I hate that term. I hate being called single and couple that with mum, which by definition implies there should be a dad, it leaves me feeling sick in the stomach. Love it or loath it though, that is what I am. I hate it.

Grieve aside this parenting 3 babies all on my own is insane. Even when we have no major emotional issues to deal with the days are long and hard. Take today as an example.

I was woken at 6:30am (after only falling asleep a mere 5.5 hours before) and while I tried to ignore the calls for breakfast, by 7:15am I was standing in the kitchen with 3 breakfast bowls lined up. Following breakfast we spend a quiet morning at home with me only getting out of my PJ's at about 10:30am. Let me however define 'quiet': cleaned up kitchen, dressed kids, changed 2 smelly nappies, broke up 3 fights, put a load of laundry on, checked emails, payed some bills and made 3 coffees. By 11 we were all dressed and I spend about an hour with the kids doing some pre-kindy workbooks and building puzzles.
Following lunch we watched a little TV and then I found it...head lice!! Anja with the worlds curliest hair had some crawly things on her head and they were not welcome. So I spend 2 hours carefully removing any hints of insects before setting of to town to buy a few groceries and of course head lice lotion (For the record, this is surely one of the worlds most degrading and embarrassing moments).
Once home I lathered the kids' hair, combed and searched, stripped bedding and remade beds. Dinner was ordinary, but the kids are in bed with full tummies.

I am done, tired and ready for bed. But I still have laundry to fold, school bags to pack and a truck load to toys to put away.

I will get to that, I will, really. Just as soon as I have this cup of tea.


naomi said...

Most days when I am struggling with 3 little ones of my own, I think of you Ansia and put myself in your shoes. I am so sorry that you and the children have had to suffer what I view as lifes greatest loss, that of a beloved husband and father to your children. May God raise you up and give you the strength and stamina to get through one day at a time as a solo parent (probably doesn't sound any better).
I wish I could be closer to share that cup of tea with you,
love Naomi ox

Rudi said...

I left something as comment last night but it must have gotten lost somewhere.
I just want you to know that mom and i love you very much. You pain is ours and one day we will laugh again together. We are constantly in prayer for you. We pray for guidance, wisdom, God's daily presence, that you get through each day knowing that He and so many others love and pray for you.
I sometimes just wished we were closer to just drop by and give you and the children a hug.
I got so much encouragement out of God's promise in Job 5:26. Ma it be your experience too.
Much love. See you next month.

Anonymous said...

I never had to deal with this sort of thing, but i know what it's like from cough syrup, what its like to have a baby and to be your own babies, ten, twentyo or thirty, so many! god blesses us in strange way! oh dear, so frightful not. okay love ya