Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunny summer dress

It seems that I have got a real little princess on my hands. Little miss Anja is refusing to wear anything but dresses and skirts and after day upon day of fights in the morning I have given in and made her a whole stack of skirts and a dress so that she can wear something twirly everyday of the week.

I have made the circle skirt and the market skirt, both found on Dana's blog and they were so easy and quick to sew. I set myself the challenge to use only fabric out of my stash so the only money I spend was some wide elastic that came to a total of $5.

By far my favourite princess outfit thought, is this little dress that made today out of fabric I bought last year from the remnants bin. I made it following this tutorial and I just love the fullness of the skirt and the shirring in the back. Obviously, my princess loves it, but then what little girl doesn't love a twirly dress, in bright sunshine yellow?


naomi said...

gorgeous Ansia!! I am so glad you are sewing again. Its so hard to find the time with three little one's isn't it? I have been looking for a simple pattern just like this for ages, so might have to give this one a go! The fabrics are perfect for that dress, I know my girls would love it!

Christine M said...

Hi Ansia,

I found this gorgeous dress of yours when I was looking for a pattern to use to make my daughter a summer dress. It is finally nearly summer here (New Zealand) and I'm brave enough to give it a try. But the link to the tutorial is now blocked! Is it at all possible for you to forward it to me? I'm a bit heartbroken about it. I had my heart set on this one.