Friday, August 15, 2008

3 great things

I thought I'd sum up the week by letting you know 3 great things that has happened:

The snowman built on the trampoline

How Frosty died - Labradors will eat anything!

1. Sunday morning we woke to snow, in our backyard! This lead to an adventure into the pine forest looking for more and one of the most magical days in a long time. The whole day was filled with building snowmen, watching the snow fall and generally enjoying each others company. All of us can't seem to get enough of the white stuff.

2. We have a new addition to our family: a little girl Labrador, Narrah, who needed a new home. She has had very little training and is leaning toward being destructive and jumpy, but she has a lovely nature and I am sure with a little correction will be a loving pet. Toffee cannot believe his luck!

3. I got the chance to go see Mama Mia (for the second time). I just cannot get enough of that movie. It is the scenery, the music, the overacting and corniness, and the great mood it puts me in. If you haven't yet - go see it!

What are 3 great things that happened to you this week?

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