Saturday, August 9, 2008


I find immense pleasure form digging through other people's blogs and getting ideas and inspiration. There are some really talented and creative people in this world and I could but hope to borrow some of their genius.


I see you!

Yesterday I stumbled upon this smocket pattern and I just had to sew it for Miss A. It is so easy to make and brings me great joy. The original pattern had ties at the shoulders, but I added some buttons and also a pocket to both sides to make it reversible. I now hope to make it in a smaller size for baby girl and it will definitely be used for a few birthday presents in the future.


marli said...

you are one creative genius!!

I love your creations and your bargins (because knowing you the material would have been on the sale table and only cost you $1).

I love the summer dress Little Miss A would look gorgeous in it.

You have been one very busy lady. Keep it up its great seeing everything you are creating.

By the way how is the veggie patch going?

Ansia said...

Thanks Marli! The veggie patch is going well. A few weeks back I spend the day digging manure into the soil (that gave me a headache). I have put a few seedlings in (silverbeet and onion) but I will have to see how to cope the with snow and cold weather. When it gets warmer I will get planting with some other things. Will keep you posted.