Friday, August 1, 2008

first taste

It feels like only yesterday that I got to meet our little girl. I remember all too well what it felt like to hold her little wet newborn body and to see her little face for the first time. And even though I know from experience that the baby days are so fleeting, I secretly wished that this time the days will pass just a little slower. Maybe it is because we are starting to think that our family may be complete, or because she really is a very content baby full of smile and giggles, but I am really hating that she is getting older.

I am feeling nostalgic tonight because today she had her first go at solid food. This is in reality the first step to weaning and independence. From the day she was conceived until today my body has been providing all the nutrients she needed to grow, but solid food marks the start of a new stage. While I am not sure that I am ready for this, a small part of me is a little excited that I am getting my body back (though it is not quite the way I remember it) and that I might have a little more freedom.
Now I better get busy making some purees...

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Hadze said...

oh she is so beautiful! and she has grow so much! i swear her little smile is becoming more beautiful everyday and while I completely understand what you mean (in the "event hought i've never goent hrough this myself" way) i am really excited and looking forward to watching her grow and amture and seeing the person that God has created and designed her to be. and, judging by the way she is now, she is going to be a pleasure to be around!
i love that little girl and i love you too! miss you guys!