Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Anybody who knows me or how has spent any time in my house, knows that I am not a very good housekeeper. No matter how hard I try, my house never looks as tidy as what I would like it, there is always a cup left somewhere or a toy that is not packed way or books (piles of them) beside my bed or that one sock left laying in the corner of the room. And that is on a good day. You see while I do not put up with dirt and grime (dirty sheets and towels, dirty bathroom and kitchen especially), a little mess and disorganisation seems to match my personality and really doesn't bother me much. I would rather our house to be welcoming and comfortable, a place where people can relax and feel at home, than a hotel where everything is prestine and unlived in.

While I can justify a little mess, some jobs needs doing wether I like it or not. Washing is one job that I really don't like. In my opinion it is one of the least rewarding jobs around the house, because even if you have washed every possible thing, you are still wearing clothes and they too will need to be washed and so it means that the job is never finished - you can never have an empty laundry basket!

I write about this tonight because I am drowning in washing. You see coupled with bad weather, a broken washing machine and lots of sewing, the washing has been mounting. And so today, with sunshine and a working machine I did 8, yes 8, loads of washing! Madness. You would think that I would feel content, the job is finally done. But no, not really, because now there are 8 loads of clean washing that needs folding and putting away and I am sure that come morning there will be enough washing to justify another load. See never ending!

So, if anyone out there has got any wonderful ideas to help me get on top and stay on top of the washing it would be much appreciated. Or better still, if you wanted to drop in a help me out that would be ideal!


bradmarli said...

you could always walk around naked or keep wearing the same thing day in and day out and smell REALLY bad.


just have lots of washing.

naomi said...

totally hearing you on this one Ansia.
ha! the naked idea is a good long as you have very good heating.
My washing is always overflowing out of the laundry onto the kitchen floor. Do you wash nappies as well? I do, so that means I wash daily. I have a front loader, which takes about 2hs per cycle, so it seems to take FOREVER to get the washing done. And the folding? that gets done a few days later when I have no room to dump the new round of clean washing.
e n d l e s s cycle!

muralimanohar said...

Blah...housework. I stink at it. lol

Thanks for visiting my blog! Okay, so...I got these particular books at Kinokuniya, in the Sydney CBD, across from QVB. But I have gotten one, not for clothes, but the same kind deal, on eBay. Really, though, the hands down best way, from all I have heard, aside from actually going into the bookstore and getting your hands on it, is through YesAsia. Free shipping, cheapest(way cheaper than eBay), huge stock, reliable, etc. The best thing to do is look around, and find the one you want (have you seen the Crafting Japanese blog? They take submissions of books, and list them, with examples of other bloggers' work, and links to where they talked about it, and the ISBN number, etc. Really good for seeing what's out there, and getting an idea if it's what you want)Once you have the ISBN of the one you want, you just go to YesAsia, and order from there, using the number to find which one you want. It's a fairly simple process, from what I have heard.

HTH! Let me know if you have any more questions! :D

libby said...

i hear you!! especially in this weather when it feels like if a peg catches your finger it will snap off! (although im sure it is much colder where you are!). A beautiful wise lady from church encouraged me (whos raised 5 lovely kids) by saying that when she hangs out the washing that is her prayer time for the people who wear them! so its been a really nice distraction for me, especially when it feels like the day zooms past without getting a chance to connect with our creator! hope this helps? love lib