Sunday, July 20, 2008

Reversible coat

(This photo doesn't show very well but the patterned side of the coat also has little pockets )

It feels like I have been thinking about making this coat for months and now I have finally finished it. I am very happy with it and I got to use that lovely apple material again. Because it is fully reversible it means that I had to make the coat basically twice before sewing the bits together. For a while sewing the sleeves together had me puzzled but eventually I made sense out of the pattern instructions. It is obviously still a little big but with the long winter it will mean that she will get a lot more use out of it. The pattern is an Ottobre Design 1/2005


bradmarli said...

I love it!!!

Alani looks so cute in it!

I looks fantastic.

naomi said...

oh well done Ansia! I got lost on the sleeves when I did a coat like this recently too...finally figured it out. She looks gorgeous in it!

libby said...

wow! what a beautiful creation! well done ansia!

Ouma H said...

What about some pants with it. Love it.