Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let it snow!

Duck! I think he had the most fun. I love seeing him like this

About a month ago, Jouke rang from work to tell me that it was snowing Lithgow way. My sister was staying with us and it was her last day and being from the tropics, she (like us) was very excited. We set of in search of snow but after more than two hours driving (Lithgow is not that far - we took the "scenic" route - read "got a little lost") we didn't find any snow and return home very disappointed.
We took the kids to the fossil and mineral museum today and on our way home noticed that all the cars coming from the mountains were covered in snow. So, grabbing coats and beanies we set of in search of snow. This time we found it! We ended up on the lawn of a little church, nestled inside the pine forest, surrounded by beautiful white powdery snow. It was so much fun. The expressions on the kids faces, watching hubby play in the snow, hearing the crunch under your shoes - all just lovely.
So Heidi, here's proof, it does snow around here. And mum the photo of the little church is for you. I wish you could all be here today to join in our fun.


Hadze said...

aaaah!! So jealous!! You suck!!
wish I was there it looks like you had a lot of fun!
oh an by the way, that little dress is just the cutest!

naomi said...

what fun! I am so snow deprived. these are lovely photos of you all too.