Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My babies

Tiaan 5 months old

Anja 5 months old

Alani 4 months old

When each of my babies were born it took me a good couple of days to get to know them. It was partly because when I first saw them they looked nothing like what I thought they would.

Boy was blond with blue eyes and I did not think this was even possible, given my dark features. So when little Anja was born, tiny and dark, I was again surprised and a little confused - weren't they all suppose to look the same? And then when baby girl was born she was dark like her sister but had features more similar to her brother.

I was looking through some photos today I realised how similar they really are. It turns out that I was wrong. They fit. They're ours. We'll keep them.


ouma H said...

Sometimes you wish they stay like that for all there lifes.

naomi said...

your children are so beautiful Ansia! Yep, they are all yours for sure, but little Anja is definatly different to the other two.