Thursday, July 17, 2008

Staying out of trouble

Bathurst is known for its winters. Cold and wet and sometimes even when it looks lovely outside, its not, the wind still chills you to the bone. This winter has been no different except that I now have 2 toddlers to keep busy. I once heard an interview of Kenny Rogers talking about his twin boys. He says: "Here's what I've learned about raising boys…if you keep 'em busy, they're fine, you let 'em get bored, they'll dismantle your house board by board." This is so true and not just of boys.
So, in order to keep the house intact we have been doing our best to stay busy. Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to:
Going 'camping' in the toy room

Giving Miss A's crazy hair a crazy makeover

Doing school with boy. Here he is learning about the letter 'T'.

Playing in the rain

Making spacemen out of styrofoam balls and aluminium foil

It has been a lot of fun coming up with things to capture and keep their attention. It however has also meant that I have not been able to get around to doing any sewing or craft. This was getting a little frustrating, and so today, while the sun was shining, I pushed then out the door and made a bee-line for my sewing machine. That reversable coat is finally getting some attention and I should have some pictures up soon.

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