Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yesterday I cleaned the house. While that may seem like an everyday kind of comment, this was no everyday kind of clean. Here is some of what I did: cleaned the cupboard under the sink; did the bathroom; mopped; vacuumed; stripped the sheets, washed, dried and made all the beds; washed 6 loads, folded and put them away; cleaned up the back yard; watered the garden; made some custard tart for morning tea; organised the kids toys; dusted. This was all in addition to the everyday tasks of preparing meals, dressing children, bathing & changing. I went to be absolutely exhausted, but as I put on my clean pj's and climbed into my freshly made bed, I as so pleased. A feeling of pure satisfaction.

As you could appreciate not a lot of sewing happened yesterday, but Sunday on our way to church I realised that Miss A. needed something to help her look presentable. I quickly whipped up this headband. It was so easy and the pattern worked beautifully. She looked lovely and was given lots of compliments.

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