Friday, June 13, 2008

Bed time

Before we had children I always imagined that bedtime with kids would be fun. You know bathing, reading stories, saying prayers and then tucking in for the night after cuddles and kisses.

While it can be a great time, generally at our house bedtime is rather crazy. The kids have usually had enough and are ready to go to bed, yet they insist on procrastinating and drawing the process out at long as possible. We as parents have also had enough by then and are ready for a break and a quiet cup of coffee.

Tonight was no exception. It took boy a good 20 mins to get dressed before he got his 1 min warning (part of his bedtime routine that cannot be missed no matter how late it is) and was then taken to bed. Little Miss usually goes to bed once boy is asleep because when you put them in the room together, awake it inevitably leads to much laughter and little sleep. She usually goes down quite easily but tonight wanted to play a little longer. Baby girl is usually easiest to get to bed. She get one last feed, and is then wrapped and tucked in for the night.

Here she is wearing a sleeping bag I made for her a few months ago. Obviously it is much too big, but I hope that it will see her through the winter. Don't you just love the cherry fabric?

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naomi said...

bedtime around here can be a bit of a drama too. The calm after the storm is so rewarding. Your bub's sleeping bag is just beautiful! And your right about the fabric, its lovely. I ordered a sleep suit pattern today, which is kind of like a sleeping bag, but legs instead. Cant wait to sew them:)