Thursday, June 12, 2008


Obedience, or the lack there of, seems to be an issue that we are struggling with a lot at the moment. It could be because our nearly 4 year old is loving using the words "I don't want to" (with the attitude to match) and because our nearly 2 year old is, well, nearly 2 and all that that brings, but everyday for the last week or 2 it has been a battle. There are two things going on that drive me mad, plainly ignoring what I have just said or doing exactly the opposite (and sometimes both).

When Mr. T was a baby I had the audacity to hope that he will grow up to be perfect and never fight me on any issue. When Miss A. was born I knew that that dream will never come true. And now that I get to hold and cuddle another beautiful little person I am sad to know that she too, will one day tell me "No!" and require discipline and correction.

I have been wondering lately were we have gone wrong. What have we done to make our children so disobedient? Is it that we are slow to discipline? Is it that that our discipline methods are ineffective? Do I not spend enough time with them?

These are tough questions. I am guilty of all of the above. Often I am to lazy/busy/tired for my discipline to be effective. Sometimes I use ineffective methods because they are easier at the time. Daily I spend to much time doing other things instead of sitting down, teaching and getting to know my kids.

But by far my biggest mistake is my own sin, my own disobedience to God. My example is poor. Daily I ignore God, daily I don't seek His will as I should and daily I blatantly disobey and do what I think is best. It is because I am a sinner and have fallen short of His glory. And the sad part is that my beautiful little people are too. They too cannot please God on their own, cannot know Him without Jesus.

So this week as we struggle to get our children to listen and obey I pray that they will one day get to know Jesus. That they will be covered by his blood and grow to be more like Him. I also pray that we as parents will draw close the Jesus' side and be obedient to Him as we raise and teach these little people. I ask for you prayers as we tackle this mammoth task.

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