Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Charlotte's dress

I bought this fabric on ebay a little while ago and I have been waiting for my first Ottobre Design magazine to create a little dress for my baby girl. Well, I feel like I have been waiting forever and so to help me be a little more patient I thought I would make a dress for a friend who just had a baby girl. The pattern I copied from another little dress and I lined it with some flannelette that I bought for 0.50c at Spotlight. I still have well over 2m of the apple fabric left so you will be sure to see it again, but at least for now I feel like I am doing something while I wait. I hope she'll like it.


naomi said...

this dress is gorgeous! I am sure she will love it. So did you end up subscribing to Ottobre or just picked one?

Ansia said...

Thanks! For now I have just picked one to see if I will like it. It arrived today and I have already started copying some patterns. A new addiction has started!