Saturday, June 21, 2008

What is under your pillow tonight?

When Mr T. was a baby he used to be wrapped really tightly to go to sleep. In fact, he was wrapped until he was about 12 months old and after that he used to take his "bersie" to bed with him. Eventually the wrap was cut into smaller and smaller pieces before, at about 2 1/2, we tried to get him to wean off it. We started suggesting that he take a toy of his liking to bed with him, not to be played with, it had to stay under his pillow.
And so a new habit was formed. Every night he had to choose what would be under his pillow tonight, then it was story, prayers and off to sleep. He is now almost 4 and still the routine stands. What is under his pillow on any given night is dictated by his current favourite thing. For it while it was matchbox cars, then it was motorbikes, trains, planes, pencils, dinosaurs, animals...
Tonight it is his tools. By that I mean a role of insulation tape, a caliper (a tool used by electricians for safety lock-outs) and a pair of toddler scissors. During to day he plays electrician (you can tell because our house has got insulation tape on just about everything), he wants to be just like his Pappa.
I wonder what it will be tomorrow night.

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